Studies responsibly!

Static studies

Our specialized staff undertakes responsibly and consistently studies of any kind, at the time you want and financially.

Our company, in addition to the necessary software and know-how, many years of experience in static studies, which ensures a safe and realistic approach to the static bearing of the construction organization.



The company places special emphasis on the daily forging of relationships with its customers, which is distinguished by consistency and mutual trust. This philosophy characterizes all its human resources and is included in the phrase “Consistent in what it says”. Message that the company carries in each contract, in each of its signatures.

τσιμογιάννης δυναμική
τσιμογιάννης δυναμική


Architectural Studies
Topographic surveys
Mechanical Studies
Electrical studies
Fire safety
Static Adequacy
Specialized Studies
Engineer certification
Energy efficiency certificate
Bioclimatic design
3D Illustration
Friendly Prices for Young People

Our goal

The creation of a company that will play a leading role in the construction and real estate sector. Our goal is to increase the trust of our customers and the wider market.

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